Contestants FAQ

What is GiveLab?

GiveLab is an online tool that allows you to easily create and run giveaways and competitions that grow your social presence, build email lists. and grow your audience. Whether you are a business, a YouTuber/Streamer or run an online store, running a giveaway or competition is an excellent way to promote your brand.

You can get started for Free, and enhance your giveaway potential with our paid plans.

  • You can create an account and get started here
  • View our pricing and compare our plans here
  • Check out some of the giveaways our customers are hosting here (and maybe get lucky in the process!)
Does GiveLab run the giveaways?

GiveLab provides the platform for giveaways to be run and hosted, however we (GiveLab) do not host the giveaways ourselves or manage the prizes, or prize delivery process (unless clearly stated on the giveaway).

Giveaways are typically hosted by brands, business and influencers/personalities – check the description of the giveaway for more details.

I get the message “This account can’t be authenticated because it is associated with another account”

You may receive the message “This account can’t be authenticated because it is associated with another account” when trying to link one of the following social media accounts whilst entering a giveaway:


You have likely received this message because you have a duplicate profile on GiveLab with the social media account connected. It’s possible you may have created the account in the past when entering another giveaway, and then forgot about it.

To fix the issue, you first need to find and unlink the social media profile from the duplicate account. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a Incognito/Private browser window and go to
  2. Login with the social media profile that you are receiving the error message with. For example, if you cannot link a Twitch account, login with the Twitch account
  3. Once logged in, head to and click “Unlink” next to the social media account
  4. You can now close the Incognito/Private browser window and return to the giveaway and link the account to complete the entry step
Will I be contacted if I win a giveaway?

If you are the lucky winner of a giveaway, the giveaway creator/organizer should reach out to you directly, likely through your email address or any social media profiles you connected to GiveLab. Typically they will reach out to you shortly after the giveaway has ended with details on delivering your prize.

GiveLab does not contact you, or send you an email about whether or not you have been picked in a giveaway.