Refer a Friend (Viral Sharing)

With the Refer a Friend entry step, you can award entrants with additional entries for referring friends, family, colleagues or anyone else to your giveaway. This can trigger substantial entry growth to your giveaway and leads to a more 'viral' outcome to giveaway engagement.

We've made the entire process super easy for both you, and anyone entering your giveaway. Upon clicking on the Refer a Friend step within your giveaway, they will be provided with a unique URL which they can then share with anyone else. As long as at least one step is completed by a referral, the original entrant who shared the unique URL will receive entries.

When adding the Refer a Friend entry step to your giveaway, you'll see the following options:

Available Actions

Refer Friends for Extra Entries

Award additional entries to users that refer other users to your giveaway.

Configuration Options:
Step Title: This is where you enter the text that will be displayed for this particular step in your giveaway
Worth # Entries: How many entries will be awarded to the user by completing this step. In the case of Refer a Friend, this is how many entries this user will receive for each referral they generate. (Example: If you want an entrant to receive 5 entries in the entry pool for completing this step, you would enter 5.)
Referral Limit: The maximum amount of referrals this user can generate before no more are awarded entries.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a referred user need to do for the referee to receive their entries?

The referred user must complete at least one action on the giveaway, for the original user who referred them to receive an entry.

Can I view which users have referred who?

At this time, it's not possible to see which users someone has referred, but it's something we're looking to include in the future.

If someone exceeds the referral limit, does the referral link still work?

Yes, the referral link will continue to work, however no further entries will be awarded to the referee.

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