How do I revoke an entry?

If you've received one or more entries from a user you'd like to revoke from your giveaway, you can quickly do so within Manage.

When revoking an entry, it will no longer be a valid entry within the pool of possible entries picked. This means that when it's time to pick a winner(s) for your giveaway, the revoked entries will not be counted or included during picking.

To revoke an entry, you just need to do the following;

  1. Head to Manage Giveaways
  2. Select the giveaway you'd like to manage
  3. Click "Entries" from the action bar at the top of the page
  4. Find the entry you'd like to revoke, and click the "Revoke" button within the "Actions" column
  5. Once you have revoked the entry, the entry row will turn red in color. The entry has now been revoked from your giveaway.

You can un-revoke an entry at anytime by following the same steps above, but instead toggling "Unrevoke" in the "Actions" column.

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