I can't verify my entry on Twitter

If you're having an issue verifying a Twitter Follow or Tweet step, it can be for a number of reasons, including:

  • You created a new Twitter account to enter the giveaway
    If you have just created a brand new Twitter account and then immediately logged into GiveLab to complete a Twitter step, it's likely the Twitter account has become temporarily restricted. This is a security measure by Twitter to limit activity from spam bots. You should visit Twitter and complete any verification requests they may have before then completing the step on GiveLab.
  • Your account is restricted/suspended/deleted
    If your Twitter account is not in good standing for any reason, we cannot verify you completed the step. If you do have any issues, you should first check Twitter to ensure your account is up to date.
  • You've logged in with multiple Twitter accounts on GiveLab
    If we notice a trend of multiple Twitter accounts being used from the same origin, we will likely not verify your entries to the giveaway.
  • I closed but then reactivated my Twitter account
    It's possible we no longer have the appropriate access to your Twitter account to perform verifications. Please disconnect and then reconnect your Twitter account on GiveLab.
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