I never received my prize

If you're the lucky winner of a giveaway but you've yet to receive your prize, you'll want to contact the giveaway organizer for further help. Although we provide a platform for giveaways to be run, we don't manage the giveaways ourselves and cannot help with delivering your prize.

Some tips for contacting the organizer include;

  • Reaching out on their Twitter
  • Contacting through their Facebook Page
  • Visiting the organizer's website and using the contact form
  • Contacting the organizer through their email address

It's worth checking the description of the giveaway and the Terms & Conditions to see if contact information is provided there also. You can also reach out to us by email ([email protected]) and we can try and make contact with the organizer, however we cannot guarantee a result.

Organizers found to regularly not deliver prizes based on reports could face being blacklisted from our platform.

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