With the Cryptocurrency entry step, you can collect crypto wallet addresses from entrants for any cryptocurrency. This is ideal for anyone looking to run a cryptocurrency related giveaway and collect wallet addresses for delivering prizes.

When adding the step to the giveaway, you'll see the following options;

Available Actions

Ask for Wallet Address

Collect wallet addresses for any cryptocurrency.

At this time a user cannot edit their wallet address upon submission, so it might be worth reaching out to a winner to confirm their address before delivering a prize if preferred.

Configuration Options:
Step Title: This is where you enter the question/request for people to complete. If you're looking to collect ETH addresses, you might ask something like: What is your ETH Wallet Address?
Worth # Entries: How many entries will be awarded to the user by completing this step. (Example: If you want an entrant to receive 5 entries in the entry pool for completing this step, you would enter 5.)

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