What happens when I cancel my subscription?

If you do still wish to cancel, there’s just a few things to note. Once your subscription has expired, the following changes will apply:

  • If you have any active giveaways, they will be set to end at the end of your billing cycle (this cannot be adjusted unless you re-subscribe). If you wish to extend the date or make edits, you should first remove any subscription specific features before this date. (This also applies to any new giveaways created between now and the end of your billing cycle.)
  • You will lose access to any subscription specific features and data. This includes: Giveaway Analytics, User & Entries lists and more.
  • Your account will return to GiveLab Free, so if you plan on creating any further giveaways, you’ll have more restrictions.
  • Any integrations in which we are sending data (Example: Mailchimp) will stop functioning at the end of your billing cycle.

    If you’re cancelling because of an issue with your account or your giveaways, we’d love to help. Please contact us at anytime and we’ll get right back to you.

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